EBook: Connecting to your womb space for sensuality & creativity

Many of us pay no attention to our Wombs and so individual and collective trauma stagnate and fester leaving us feeling lost, confused and out of place not only in society but in intimate relationships with others as well as with ourselves. When the womb energy is healthy and strong, this reflects in our confidence, security and grounding and belonging in our physical bodies and our sexual selves. As we take the steps to embrace and explore this energy as part of our sexual journeys, cultivating first and foremost compassion, we begin to open and heal this centre making space to welcome more light, love and freedom into our lives as we step unapologetically into our innate sexual power and creativity.

1. Breathe deep! In through your nose, down into your lungs, past your stomach and right into your womb space. Feel your womb and vagina soften and relax and release any tightness or fear you are holding on to. You can also incorporate colours into this, and imagine you are breathing in a vibrant thread of colourful light to activate your chosen energy or emotion.
2. Relax your stomach, relax your womb. Stop holding on. It is a place of great change, cycles, movement and energy. Holding on stops things moving and processing and cultivates more pain and stuckness. Our lower abdomen is softer in design than men’s to accommodate all of these physical and energetic changes as we go through our cycles and the journey of our wombs.
3. Take time as you pleasure yourself, to massage your womb, your hips and your thighs. Feel your skin, your body, your hair and touch yourself with love. Get a lovely smelling oil and massage it in. This is self-care, loving, physically warming and adds sensuality into your self-love time.

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