Behind the scenes: Unlock the Mysteries of the Female Orgasm

The Orgasm gap is a much discussed conversation into the disproportionate rate that women experience orgasm vs their male counterparts. This is even more obvious when we look at heterosexual women. Pleasure based company MysteryVibe explains The Orgasm Gap perfectly here. So of course we could not host a range of topics around self love without addressing Orgasm. We understand that orgasms are not a one size fits all; how we achieve it, how it feels and the regularity is individual to each woman. However, we are all about equal opportunities at Scarlet Ladies so we have invited Tantric Expert Jade Lotus to share her knowledge about Orgasms to help you bridge that gap. Here is a piece that Jade wrote about Orgasms. Scarlet Ladies member also shares Why I kept faking orgasms… despite being in pain.

What is an Orgasm?

Orgasms are incredibly personal experiences and vary from person to person however there are some general descriptions of what an orgasm could feel like

– slow build up of sexual tension and excitement followed by full body pleasurable release

– a peak of sexual pleasure

– a release of built up sexual pressure

– intense focused pinpoint of pleasure

– full on out of body experience

– a lovely sigh or little blip of pleasurable release – like a sneeze!

– tremors, tingling – state of very high energy/sensation from your pelvis up your spine and around your entire body

– its sometimes called ‘coming’ or ‘climaxing’

-Somantic Sexologist Jessica Parker

So what is the event all about?

FIERCE Skills with Jade Lotus: Unlock the Mysteries of the Female Orgasm


Clitoral, g-spot or cervical. Single, or multiple. For some women, they’re elusive; for others, they’re overwhelming. Whatever your experience of orgasm, one thing is for sure: at our March FIERCE Skills workshop, you will learn to appreciate the power and potential of the female orgasm like never before.

Our teacher, Jade Lotus, is an experienced bodyworker, Tantra Educator and Taoist Teacher, with a degree in Chinese Medicine. Combining her reading of modern science with ancient knowledge and wisdom, she will introduce the facts and unlock the mysteries of the female orgasm in its many-splendoured forms.

Jade explains how orgasms can originate not only in the sex organs, but in any part of the body. Discover how to harness your orgasm energy and, using techniques learned from Taoist Sexual Meditation or sexual alchemy, to move that energy around your body to experience multiple or full-body orgasms. Deepen your understanding of female ejaculation; explore the healing power of the orgasm; and learn to recognise the difference between an orgasm, and the orgasmic state.

For anyone who has ever wanted to experience different, stronger or more powerful orgasms, or to fully explore their pleasure potential, this workshop is a must.

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