March Events: pleasure, self Love and more

Can you believe that time is flying already. It felt like yesterday where we were announcing our January events and here we are now doing a round up of what to expect in March.

March will be our final Self Love month so if you have not attended any events this past two months this is your final chance. Our Self Love series is all about learning to appreciate and be happy with who you are. We have owned our pleasure, learnt that true intimacy comes from body love, listened to our body and shared our own personal self love concerns at the Scarlet Circle.

In March we listen to a personal story of how one woman used self pleasure to heal herself and learn all about the different types of Orgasms we can have.

So here is our round up of March Events. Book our March Open House  to join us as a London Member and have FREE access to all of these events. Book Here

March Scarlet Social

Did you miss our February Social with The Cherry Revolution where we discussed Topic of the night: The influence of porn in our bedroom behaviour?

You will not want to miss March Social. Our topics are decided by members and guests as this night is all about you. This event is FREE for ALL Scarlet Ladies members and guests. Not a member you can book our limited guest pass here.

At Home with Africa Brooke: The Healing Power of Pleasure

We’re thrilled to announce that our March ‘At Home’ event will be hosted by Africa Brooke, a Zimbabwean-born writer and advocate who is now on a mission to get the world thinking about holistic self-development, identity, mental health, sobriety, and sexuality. Africa will share the story of her own journey of sexual healing, and how she overcame the damage of societal conditioning and socialisation that once made her feel too guilty to accept herself for the sexual being that she was born to be.

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FIERCE Skills with Jade Lotus: Unlock the Mysteries of the Female Orgasm

Clitoral, g-spot or cervical. Single, or multiple. For some women, they’re elusive; for others, they’re overwhelming. Whatever your experience of orgasm, one thing is for sure: at our March FIERCE Skills workshop, you will learn to appreciate the power and potential of the female orgasm like never before. Book Now

Scarlet Circle

Finally, we wrap up the month with our Scarlet Circle with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey. This will be our final self love session. So if you have a concern or would like some support from other women with your self love journey book now.

Want to attend all of these events. Book our next Open House on March 5th here to become a London Member. Or start your FREE trial as a Global member here.

Offers this month

Win a Nexxus Bisous Vibrator worth £100

Members leave us your feedback for each event you attend this month and be up for a chance to Win. Visit your account page to leave your review.

Scarlet Social open to Global members

To celebrate the re-launch of Scarlet Social. For a limited time the Scarlet Ladies Social is open to ALL members and their friends. Book early to avoid disappointment. Book Now

The Gift of Self Love

Satisfyer Pro for all new London Members this month. Contact us to find out more about membership here . Or Book our March Open House Here

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