Why the womb is an important area for your sexual fulfilment

The brain, the body and the heart are often seen as the exclusive triad for expressing and experiencing sexuality and sensuality. Our brains bring the logic and ideas, building the beliefs and stories around what we enjoy, what is acceptable and what is not. Our hearts determine the level of love and care for ourselves and others, whilst our bodies are the vessel through which we experience sexuality on a physical level. These three elements are inextricably interwoven, both defining and defined by each other on our journey towards sexual fulfilment.

Many of us seek to deepen and explore our sexuality embracing a variety of practices touching on one or multiple elements of the triad, searching for an ever more authentic connection with ourselves and with those who we share our experiences with. Our individual and collective sexual healing point towards a place of unconditional love, reawakening and reconnecting to an internal deeper centre of power. We can try many things from relationships to celibacy, meditation and yoga to toys and parties, and some work, whilst others don’t really hit the spot.

For many of us, there is something missing in our stories to sexual fulfilment and wellbeing; a fourth energy both sacred and subtle that like a thin gold thread entwines and fills the cracks between the mind, body and the heart – the energy of the Womb*.

The womb on a physical level is a reproductive organ and every single person on this planet spends the first few months of their physical existence cocooned inside it. However, the ability to hold life, and indeed be The Locus of physical creation is only a part of its power.

Both women and men, individuals who have physical wombs, and those who do not, hold Womb energy.  As a meeting place of our divine feminine and healthy masculine in the area of our sexual organs, it is the root of our sexuality and creativity and it’s from here that we birth our passions and vitality across all areas of life. It was our first abode and once we are born, becomes the energetic seat of consciousness in our bodies and the foundation of our own personal power.

Just as we can be tickled, stimulated and aroused by our own ideas and stimuli around us, we can also be dampened, shamed and even traumatised into passivity and depression. Our Wombs often house and hold a myriad of contradictions from joy and pain, freedom and repression, love and trauma, as experiences and energies can easily leave their mark. Sexual partners and all manners of sexual encounters, sexual abuse, surgeries, our time in our mother’s wombs and her emotions whilst we were there, having our own children as well as trauma around miscarriage, abortion, conception, are all carried, stored and often suppressed.

Many of us pay no attention to our Wombs and so individual and collective trauma stagnate and fester leaving us feeling lost, confused and out of place not only in society but in intimate relationships with others as well as with ourselves. When the womb energy is healthy and strong, this reflects in our confidence, security and grounding and belonging in our physical bodies and our sexual selves.

As we take the steps to embrace and explore this energy as part of our sexual journeys, cultivating first and foremost compassion, we begin to open and heal this centre making space to welcome more light, love and freedom into our lives as we step unapologetically into our innate sexual power and creativity.

*For the sake of this article I will use ‘womb’ to talk about the physical organ and ‘Womb’ when discussing the energetic space which vibrates on many levels – physical, emotional, energetic and mental.

– Guest Post by Zachi Brewster, Travelling Doula

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