Sneak Peak: The healing power of pleasure

Next month Scarlet Ladies member Africa Brooke founder of The Cherry Revolutions. Africa will share the story of her own journey of sexual healing, and how she overcame the damage of societal conditioning and socialisation that once made her feel too guilty to accept herself for the sexual being that she was born to be.

When a past relationship broke down it triggered a sexual awakening that completely changed Africa ’s life. In the intimate setting of Scarlet Home Africa invites us to listen to her story, to understand and discover how she used self-pleasure to heal. Africa will reveal how she moved away from conventional partner-focused sex and found tantra. You’ll discover why she began to explore her body through self-pleasure and hear how self-pleasure has helped her to unravel the sexual shame she had been holding since childhood.

We caught up with Africa to share what we can expect from her At Home event: The Healing Power of Pleasure.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a writer, speaker, facilitator and advocate – specializing in sexual wellness, holistic self-development and sober living

How did you get to doing this role?

When I got sober in 2016, I was led on a journey of self-discovery – one that allowed me to rediscover a voice I thought I’d lost. Through sharing my truth candidly and honestly, I was able to turn my pain into power, which subsequently led me on the path of inspiring others to do the same.

You are hosting The Healing Power of Pleasure. Why did you decide to do this event?

I decided to do this event because I know how powerful conversation is. Many of us feel as though some of the things we go through are only happening to us, and in bringing my experiences into such an empowering space – I know that we can work towards dismantling the idea that healing must be done in silence.

What was your inspiration behind the event?

My personal story and the steps I took to reconnect with my sex energy is what inspired me. I’ve been on a continuous journey with self-pleasure and healing my emotional wounds through self-touch.

Can you give us a sneak peak into what to expect at this event?

This won’t be me telling you what you should do or what’s best for you, but it will be an equal exchange between all of us and an opportunity to really look at the different types of self-pleasure that we can give ourselves.

What would you like women to get out of this event?

I’d like us all to leave inspired and gifted with fresh perspectives, I want each woman and femme in the room to know that there is nothing shameful about their pleasure or their needs and desires. I want us all to feel connected in our divinity and feminine energy – all through conversation and a shame-free dialogue.

Finally, your one piece of advice for women on their sexuality?

The only person that gets to decide what your sexual journey looks like, is you!

Thanks so much!


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