January events roundup …Self-affirmation, body scans and more

January always feels like it lasts forever. It tends to feel like the longest month of the year with little excitement to it. But our Scarlet Ladies events always give our members something to look forward too. In August 2018 we launched our Talk Sex Change Lives survey which was the UK’s biggest anonymous survey into women’s sexual attitudes and the information we collated led us to think about how we could use it for the better in 2019. This is how we came up with our theme “Who I Am”, and it’s why we’ve divided the theme into three topics: Self-love, Authenticity and Expression. 

Wondering what you missed this month? Here is everything that’s happened this month.

Michelle Roberton: Loving your body

On Tuesday 15th January, Sexual Trauma & Intimacy Specialist Michelle Roberton kicked off 2019 with a talk about her journey to rediscovering and loving her body. She discussed her struggles and her concerns that lead her to grow in confidence and turn her life around. “How could I ever let someone else love me if I don’t love myself?” Michelle discussed her lows and her highs and offered the ladies lots of tips on how they can truly love their body. At the end of the event, a lot of the ladies thanked Michelle and said that she was an inspiration and had inspired them to develop a better self-love routine. Remember ladies; self-love isn’t selfish!

Tip 1: Self Affirmation.

You are enough. Michelle recommends writing affirmations for yourself to find to help you increase your confidence and your love for your home, otherwise known as your body.

Tip 2: Caress.

Take the time to get to know your body. Gently caress your body and find out what feels good and what your body responds too. Start to love you.

Jessica Parker: Welcome to Your Body

On Tuesday 22nd January Sexological Bodyworker Jessica Parker hosted our very first Workshop in the Who I Am series. Too often, we race through life without ever truly listening to the messages that our bodies are trying to tell us and In this workshop, Jessica offered us advice on how to slow down and truly get to know our bodies.

In an intimate setting in our favourite place, Scarlet Home, Jessica set the tone with some relaxation music and breathing exercises. Jessica spoke about embodiment and techniques you can use to connect with your body on a deeper level. She gave advice to help us discover new skills, and during the workshop Jessica had the ladies perform a number of different body scan techniques which they can use to help them reconnect with their physical selves and to open their minds on how it feels to be “you”

Squeeze & Release Technique

Jessica starts this technique by asking the ladies to unfold their arms and legs and find a position which is comfortable, either to sit or lie down. Now Close your eyes and notice your breath coming in and out of your body. Feel it enter through your nose and fill your lungs then feel it moving out of your body. Take a few moments to get into the rhythm and focus on your breath flowing in and out.

Now bring your attention to your toes while continue taking deep, slow breaths. Wiggle your toes slightly and focus your attention there for a few seconds, notice how this feels. Now bring your attention to your calves. How do they feel? What about your thighs? Tense your thigh muscles and then relax them. Now bring your attention to your buttocks, squeeze them together and relax. Are you holding tension there?

Continue the technique in all areas of your body, stomach, chest, arms, back and face while continuing your controlled breathing. Release all of your body’s tension, feel your feet, buttocks or body connected to the ground.

This session was excellent. It is a beautiful venue. The size of the group meant we could really share and relax into the session. It was such a beautiful experience in itself but also set me up to really review how I care for and love my body and how to experience it. Thank you so much. It was truly amazing. – Scarlet Ladies Member

DR Lori Beth Bisbey: Scarlet Circle

On Tuesday 29th January Psychologist and Sex and Relationship coach Dr Lori Beth Bisbey hosted our first Scarlet Circle. As these events are private, we can not disclose the information discussed, but we can say DR Bisbey has over 30 years experience working with individuals, couples and polyamorous groups around trauma, sex and sexuality. Our Scarlet Circle sessions create a safe space where you can speak freely, share concerns, find answers and simply soak up the wisdom of the room. To find out more about DR Lori Beth Bisbey, please visit her speaker profile.

 January went off with a bang and the feedback at the end of the events was fantastic, so if you enjoyed January’s line up, you wouldn’t want to miss February. Our event’s fill up quickly so make sure you RSVP early. 

Click here to see what’s coming in February. Click here for a full line up of events over the next quarter.

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Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

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