SMART Goals to bring Sexual Excitement into Your Life

As a sex and intimacy coach and relationship therapist, I encourage clients to create goals and plans that will help them to make their relationships more satisfying, more rewarding and bring more joy in the coming year.   It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or on your own, sexual excitement is available for all. With this in mind, here are my tips to help you bring more sexual excitement into your life. Grab a journal, some paper, your laptop, your phone or whatever way you have of making notes.  

Start by describing where you are now.   How much excitement do you have in your sexual life in the present. What does your sexual life look like? Don’t forget to describe your solo sexual experiences as well as experiences with partners.    Once you have described this, rate the level of sexual excitement in your life today from 0 – none whatsoever to 10 couldn’t stand any more excitement.  Is there room for more excitement?

What do you find exciting now?  Are you engaging in these activities or only fantasising about them?  Are you not sure about what might be exciting?

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