Sneak Peak: Who I Am Series with Jessica Parker

We are very excited to announce our new series ‘Who I Am. Who I am series is the ultimate in embracing and celebrating who you are. Through our #TalkSexchangeLives survey we found that many women struggle with self acceptance and communication. We want to change that.

In the safe environment of our membership community, with the encouragement and support of our trusted coach, these specialist sessions create a space for you to focus on your personal journey into sexual empowerment.

Who I am has been designed by Sexologist Jessica Parker to support you on your journey to embrace your true sexual self.  You will explore consent, self-pleasure, pleasure potential and communication, limited to just 20 participants: attend them individually, or sign up for them all for sexual development and growth.

Listen, love and celebrate; grow in self-confidence, self-love and wellbeing, as you embrace the real you

We caught up with our expert Jessica Parker to give us a sneak peak into the series. She shares with us her experiences and why you should join us.


Hi [Jessica Parker] tell us about yourself for those who are new to you.

I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Sensual Events Manager, essentially my work is based around supporting people to discover their true pleasure potential through tailored sex education and experiences (sensual massage, Pleasure Island Parties, Lady Liquid Love)

How did you get to doing this role?

I used to be a corporate events manager then moved into massage therapy and working with bodies – injuries, pre/post pregnancy, stress etc. I felt there was a huge gap in working with bodies remedially without even addressing sexuality or pleasure. It was an obvious, natural progression for me to integrate bodywork and help normalise sex education and make the notion of play and pleasure accessible to people I work with.

Why did you decide to do the Who I am Series?

I loved the idea of supporting a group with a series of workshops throughout the year – it can take time to integrate learning and self exploration so a regular check in and supportive session can really help the ‘Who I am’ journey develop.

What was your inspiration behind the Series

I see the series as a nice long delicious smorgasbord! Taking on manageable amounts of new ideas, conversations and practices over the course of the series that can support your own self journey – letting each course digest and evolve before going back for another course!

Give us a sneak peak into what to expect over the 7 events.

Each event will have its own theme and intention however I’ll keep it super focussed on ensuring you get what you need out of each topic by giving time and space to discuss your own real life scenarios also.  Relaxed, fun, relevant, empowering and supportive!

What would you like women to get out of this series?

I would like women to be empowered with a life ‘tool-box’ set of skills that are accessible to them no matter what their individual situations. To be able to be in their bodies equipped with knowledge about who they are and how to continue to develop their ‘Who I am’ sense of self.

Finally, your one advice for women on claiming their true sexual self.

You’ve got this one delightfully amazing body playground for life – never stop exploring it!

Need something extra?

Members can book the following additional services with their events:

  • 90min sexological bodywork session with Jessica to explore and support your specific needs and intentions £150
  • 90min sensual massage with Jessica £225
  • 90min 4 hand sensual massage with Ebony and Ivory – Jessica and her male partner – with an option to explore female ejaculation £300

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