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Last week we re-launched our first ever eBook on self pleasure. But that was only a sample of all the amazing advice we have for you. If you want to take your pleasure further here are further tips to try from our experts along with some toy recommendations. If you have not yet downloaded It takes one: the mind and body guide to self love then join our mailing list here.

There’s nothing hotter than someone who knows what they want! We can only love others to the degree we love ourselves, we can only engage sexually with others as deeply & as expansively as we engage sexually with ourselves, so make your own self-pleasure, your own masturbation, a practice, make it a path by which you can not only explore yourself for your own benefit & pleasure, but also for the benefit & pleasure of your lovers so you can show & tell them what you really like – they’ll thank you for it!  –

There’s no frequency of masturbation that’s correct, what’s right is what’s right for you. That said, masturbation does help us know our own bodies, our own arousal, what feels good and not so good, what works & helps to build arousal and so the more we know our own bodies the better lovers we can be with others. Do what feels right & good for you, you are the world’s foremost expert on you, so whether it’s every day, once a week, or less frequently, if it feels right for you then it is right! –

Making masturbation into a self-loving practice can turn it from quick stress relief to something much deeper & richer – almost into a spiritual practice. However, some people find that carving time out in the day, the week, to be difficult with the busy-ness of life. What can help develop a routine is setting aside a fixed time each week, the same day & same time every week – put it into your calendar!, to explore your own body not just the genitals – this will, over time, build into a delicious routine that you’ll look forward to & cherish!  –

Take your time! It takes a while for arousal to build in women’s bodies, I usually recommend (because, science!) 20 – 40 minutes ‘’foreplay’’ before penetration, this ensures that the vagina is engorged with blood, well lubricated & not only ready, but hungry, for penetration (if penetration is something that’s enjoyed, which it isn’t by all women) –

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