The Story Behind: Scarlet Ladies 2019

Scarlet Ladies 2019 is a year of empowerment. Introducing: ‘Who I am’.

Who I am is all about embracing who we are and celebrating this. With a focus on development, we will guide our members throughout the year with events and online courses with additional services such as one to one coaching and event packages. This coming year, our programme has been inspired by our #TalkSexChangeLives survey where we found that whilst women identified as sex positive they also struggled with insecurities and loneliness. We aim to tackle this by creating an event programme to empower women to love themselves, celebrate who they are and express themselves.

What to expect:

Modular event programme

Our new events programme will contain three key modules; Self Love, Authenticity and Expression. Each Module will contain 8 to 12 events.

Exclusive ‘Who I Am’ Workshop Series with Somatic sexologist Jessica Parker

Somatic Sexologist Jessica Parker will be running a series of practical workshops with the aim for women to celebrate their bodies and live their true sexual self over the course of 8 months.

Wine, Chocolates and discussions

Every month we will host a discussion night with members to discuss a current topic (chosen by our members) that affects women’s sexuality. Our only rule for the night is that you have to bring a bottle of something delicious to drink or something scrumptious to eat.

A range of new experts

From Tantra, to body love, to exploring relationship dynamics, we bring you a range of talks and workshops from a range of experts to embrace who you are sexually.

We go online

We will be releasing exclusive online courses developed by experts for Scarlet members. Perfect for members who have little time or do not live in London.


Quarterly memberships

Full-time members can purchase quarterly membership to fit with the new modular programme.

Weekly expert advice exclusively for Scarlet Ladies members

From psychosexual therapists to dating experts we aim to bring you the best advice from our experts. Members can also send questions to our advice column for one of our experts to answer.

Scarlet Ladies Circles run by psychologist and coach Dr Lori

We welcome psychologist Dr Lori Beth Bisbey as our lead coach for the Scarlet Circle. Working with the different modules the Circle, she will focus exclusively on sex and relationship concerns based on our current module.


What is going on this month:

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