The story behind: Talk of the Town, Mental Health and Sexuality

We are wrapping up our final Talk of the Town for the year to discuss a very important topic: Mental Health and Sexuality.

We understand that mental health issues don’t discriminate and it can affect anyone. Statistically, members of the LGBTQ community are more likely to suffer mental health problems and alcohol and substance misuse.

Anxiety and depression can strongly affect arousal and can often ruin the mood, if they don’t already make you feel unworthy of sexual attention. 75% of patients with panic disorder reported sexual problems. In women, this often shows up in sexual aversion disorder, a fear of sexual intercourse and avoidance of sexual contact. Manic episodes often seen in Bipolar Disorder may heighten willingness to take risks and may lead to sexual behaviours this person may not usually engage in, leading to feelings of shame and guilt.

Yet many of us are not seeking help and rather choose to struggle in silence. Especially when it comes to dealing with our mental health in relation to our sex lives, we are adding stigma to stigma and the silence becomes almost deafening. While our reasons for not reaching out may be different, the results are often the same: A continued lack of intimacy, constricted experience of life’s pleasures and accumulation of secrets, self-doubts and negative emotions.

As our recent survey behind the #TalkSexChangeLives campaign has shown, our sexual happiness directly correlates to our ability to talk to and connect with other people. So it only made sense for us here at Scarlet Ladies to have this conversation.

What can you expect?

For our November panel we welcome Anxiety Speaker MoJo, Mental Wellbeing Coach Rachael Welford, AZ Magazine Chief Operating Officer Kayza Rose, Mental Health Book Writer and Journalist Emily Reynolds and hosting the evening will be Chief Stigma-Smasher and Scarlet Ladies co-founder Sarah. These women will take the stand and share their personal experiences in a discussion on how our mental health affects our sexuality and our sexuality our mental health.

How can I book my ticket?

Tickets are available to both members and non-members. If you have not done so already. Book our final panel of the year, Mental Health and Sexuality here.

How can I get a discount?

  1. Make this a group event. Bring 4 or more of your friends with a group ticket and you will receive 15% discount on your tickets.
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If you have not done so already. Book our final panel of the year, Mental Health and Sexuality here

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