Emily Reynolds, journalist and author

I’m from a tiny village that’s between Southampton and Winchester. It’s a really nice place to go back to, but growing up there wasn’t that much to do! Also, it was a quite conservative area, so if you were in any way different – which I was – it wasn’t a great environment for you. Everyone there is white, everyone is middle class and straight… I wouldn’t want to live there now, [but] it’s still nice to visit.

I didn’t grow up with a religion. My parents are pretty accepting, very open-minded and liberal. I think that gave me space to be a bit weird! They encouraged me to be myself.

I feel like I’ve had the same personality since the age of about 12. It was quite an obnoxious personality for a 12 year-old to have; I was kind of precocious and maybe a bit pretentious… and a bit self-involved, as a teenager. But I look back on my teenage self and am quite fond of her; I perhaps think more kindly of her than I did myself, back then. I’m a freelance journalist and an author; I do panels and things… really, I’m a jack of all trades, but mostly I do journalism. I write features mostly, and a bit of opinion. The main topics I write about are mental health, gender, women’s issues, feminism, and sometimes tech stuff too. I also have a column at Huck Magazine that’s about the internet, intimacy, desire, sex, dating love and romance.

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