Scarlet Ladies goes global

When we launched Scarlet Ladies back in 2015, we dreamed that one day, our community would connect sex positive women all around the world. That day just got one step closer, with the launch of the Scarlet Ladies Global Membership!

Try Global Membership now with a FREE, no-obligation 1-month trial [LINK]

Global Membership is the answer for every woman who shares our values and ethos; who wants to enjoy being part of a supportive community of sex-positive women sharing the journey to love and embrace her own body and her own sexuality … but who is not able to take part in the London-based events programme that is at the heart of our full membership offer.  

Perhaps you live too far from London; perhaps your work, family and personal life are too busy for you to make the most of our full events programme; perhaps money is tight right now. Whatever your situation, our new online membership is designed to help you be part of our community and enjoy some of its greatest benefits – without committing time or money that you can’t afford.

So what do you get?

The new Global Membership makes it possible for every woman, everywhere, to enjoy the very best of our Scarlet Ladies community and benefit from those frank, honest conversations and friendships that have already changed so many lives for the better.

Global Membership starts at just £10 per month, and includes:

  1. Access to the Members Only area of our website, for weekly expert sex and relationship content
  2. Membership of the private members-only Scarlet Ladies Facebook group, for live discussions, opportunities to network and connect with like-minded full- and online members around the world
  3. Unlimited free access to Scarlet Home in London: the exclusive Scarlet Ladies night, every Tuesday at 23 Paul Street from 17.00–22.00
  4. Exclusive online-member discounts for all other regular Scarlet Ladies events: get at least 20% off the non-member ticket price
  5. Exclusive discounts for the all-new Scarlet Ladies online self-development courses and programmes.
  6. Exclusive members’ newsletter: be first to hear our news
  7. Preferential opportunities to take part in our Campaigns
  8. Exclusive members-only perks & discounts from our partner brands

With all of the flexibility and none of the commitment, Global Membership replaces the old Out of Town Membership: same price; better value; more opportunities. And if you still want more? Don’t worry, Global Members can still upgrade to full membership at any time …

Sign me up!

It’s easy to become an online member: just fill in our online application form [LINK], and start enjoying the benefits. You’ll get one month’s free trial to start with, and if you like what you see, your membership can be as fixed or as flexible as you want it to be:

Pay monthly: £10/month 

Pay yearly: £100/year 

Upgrade to full membership at any time

Sign up for your no-obligation free trial month today [Here]!

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