Women’s answer to pick-up artists: Hayley Quinn

A group of us Scarlet Ladies, wine in hand are sat opposite the UK’s leading dating expert, ready for some mind-blowing relationship tips. Originally intending to bring the pick-up artist industry down from the inside, she instead discovered that she could give the power back to women with her new found knowledge.

Reflecting on the current times, there were nods of agreement all round when Hayley said our boundaries seem to be pushed and tested a lot. Flakey behaviour has sadly become the norm and people are constantly trying you to see what they can get away with!

Structuring the evening around 3 power maxims (plus a bonus one) to help us steer our relationships, Hayley flagged to us that, If we don’t use these, we only end up over-giving, emotionally draining ourselves and building relationship foundations using the wrong rules. So let’s break them down:

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