Become a Scarlet Ladies Speaker

Our speaker application form is now open for 2019 events.

As a speaker for Scarlet Ladies, you will be part of our core message, encouraging our Scarlet Ladies to listen to member stories, learn new skills, embrace their FIERCE and to join discussions at our Talk Of The Town… where we show there is no such thing as normal.

Introducing our 2019 Theme ‘Who I Am’


In 2019 our events will be about encouraging women to embrace their ‘True Sexual Self’.

From our findings in our campaign, #TalkSexChangeLives, we found that 80% of women are positive about sex. However, due to various reasons, women feel disempowered by their sexual choices and who they feel they really are.

We want to change this!

We are often told by society how we are supposed to behave, present ourselves to the world and feel about our bodies. BUT times are changing and we want to acknowledge that we can and will be confident about our sexual choices! At Scarlet Ladies, we’re giving women that positive space to celebrate, learn from and embrace their sexual identities, not hide them away.

Fill out our application form today if you want to join us on our journey [closes 30th October 2018]. We are always on the lookout for exciting, trail-blazing speakers who want to be part of our core mission of living out your FIERCE values.

To be considered as a speaker please propose 2 events based on our theme ‘Who I am’. [HERE]

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