#Introducing #TalkSexChangeLives

Talk Sex. Change Lives.

New research from Scarlet Ladies, the UK’s leading community of sex-positive women, reveals that sexuality is a big deal for women in the UK: regardless of age, sexuality or relationship status. What’s more, we’ve discovered that the more we talk openly about sex, the more likely we are to feel empowered to live happy, healthy sex lives.

It’s time to start talking.

From inhibitions and lack of empowerment, to mental health problems, physical discomfort and even abuse, the taboos that surround sex and the female body have a lot to answer for. The prevailing culture of silence around the female sexual experience normalises ignorance; turns a blind eye to predatory behaviours and alienates millions of women from their own bodies and their own pleasure.

Yet two out of three women agree that their sexuality is a big part of who they are. 80% of us identify as sex positive. It’s time to talk about it.

No stigma. No speculation. Just facts.

In summer 2018, we launched #TalkSexChangeLives. We wanted to conduct the UK’s biggest anonymous survey into women’s attitudes and experience of sex and sexuality.

An incredible 555 women aged from 16 – 60 took part in our research. Through the honest and open answers they gave, they have helped us to create the clearest picture ever seen of how women relate to their own sex and sexuality.

It’s a picture of empowerment, joy and mutual support. But it’s also a picture of loneliness, unhappiness, disempowerment and shame. Over the coming months we’ll be using the findings of the #TalkSexChangeLives survey to open the conversations around female sex and sexuality that really matter.

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What does #TalkSexChangeLives mean for you? Leave a comment below to tell us about the change you’d like to see.

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