Introducing The Scarlet Self series

Over the years of running Scarlet Ladies we have worked with and discussed a range of topics around female sexuality. Women have joined us in aiming to deal with a range of concerns and issues. With this knowledge we have created a new self-development series employing our FIERCE values for women to embrace their true sexual selves.

We believe that sexual empowerment is a life journey, not a one stop shop. Within today’s society, we are often forced to hide our true sexual selves. We’re surrounded by stigmas, often shamed for our sexual preferences and in some cases afraid of our deepest desires. In this day and age, self-development is so important.

We are introducing Scarlet Self – the ultimate development workshop series, intended to helping Scarlet Ladies members to overcome their fears and embracing their true FIERCE selves.

So, here it is:

Me-time: for many of us, it’s the ultimate fantasy. The Scarlet Self series invites you to spend time really getting to know the most important person in your life…..YOU!.

The Scarlet Self series is based around our own FIERCE values: Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment. In the safe environment of our membership community, with the encouragement and support of our trusted coaches and teachers, these specialist sessions create a space for you to focus on your personal journey into sexual empowerment.

Scarlet Self has been designed by Scarlet Ladies founders Sarah and Jannette to support you on your journey to “live FIERCE” and discover your inner Scarlet Lady. Expect a mix of group discussion, personal reflection and self-development exercises curated by Scarlet Ladies’ lead coach Sarah. We explore each FIERCE value through two consecutive monthly workshops, limited to just 20 participants: attend them individually, or sign up for them all for a full year of sexual development and growth.

Shrug off stigma, shame, guilt and fear; take a deep breath and concentrate on your own needs for once, be they spiritual, cerebral or sexual.Listen, share and learn; grow in self-confidence, self-love and wellbeing as you rediscover the real you…the woman you were born to be.

Join our first 2 part workshop focusing on FREEDOM on August 14th here. Not a member? Book an Open House to find out more here.

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