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Sex: it’s not a dirty word, you know. It’s time to get the facts right …

We’ve just launched (probably) the biggest-ever anonymous digital survey into women’s attitudes towards sex and sexuality. Please please please fill it in. Tell your friends. Share it with your networks. Spread the word. All answers will be treated in total confidence.

The taboos that keep us silent when it comes to women and sex have a lot to answer for. At Scarlet Ladies, we’ve always known that talking openly about what we want, need and feel makes us feel better – stronger, happier, more at home in our skin. But when we launched #ITalkSex last year, we were totally blown away by the amazing response from women of all backgrounds and all walks of life who had things they really wanted or needed to say – but had never felt able to talk to anyone like that before.

For many women, the biggest barrier to finding a voice was finding the courage to admit their needs and desires – even to themselves. The unspoken pressure to fit in and be ‘normal’. But what’s normal anyway?! We believe that when it comes to YOUR sex life and YOUR sexuality, the only ‘normal’ is what feels right for you.

Agree? Well, here’s how you can help.

We’re doing this research because we believe that every woman should have the right to make her own choices when it comes to sex and sexuality. Discovering the words and the confidence to explain what we feel, what we want – and even what we don’t want – to our partners, our friends and our loved ones, is a huge part of that.

#TalkSexChangeLives is the new campaign from Scarlet Ladies, landing in  September? 2018. This survey is just the beginning …

Let’s spread the word, and put a stop to stigma and shame.


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