Jannette Davies Talks her love of being single

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I am the Chief Pleasure Seeker at Scarlet Ladies. If someone had told me 10 years ago that would be my job title I would have cackled in their face. I have always been quite open about sex, in fact I am sure anyone who knew me as a teen probably would say that makes so much sense.

I genuinely believe that Scarlet Ladies is my ‘calling’. My first ever job was at Ann Summers and that began my journey into talking sex. After Ann Summers no one could stop me from talking sex. I thought everyone was weird for not talking sex but in hindsight I think the feeling was mutual. I went on and became a beauty therapist and here I am. I oversee all things that bring people to Scarlet Ladies; marketing including campaigns such as the #ITalkSex, membership sales, partnerships and recruitment . I absolutely love what I do.

Some time in 2017 our marketing manager Jo came up with the idea of #ITalkSex. We wanted something that would embody all things SL. I had never developed a campaign before but we were really excited. Reading these women’s stories was the most humbling thing I have ever done.

We decided to join the campaign because it just made total sense to have the founders of Scarlet Ladies at the forefront of the campaign, sharing our journey and story with these amazing and brave women. We wanted different ages, races, sexual preferences and experiences. It took a three woman team to pick the final ladies. Each of them have been an inspiration to me.

Knowledge is power. Without the knowledge I would not be able to make the decisions that best suit me. Rather, I would be making decisions based on what I have been told.

Since the campaign my opinion has definitely solidified. With meeting so many women and hearing their stories you realise how knowledge and education smashes myths and stigma.

Women’s sexuality is so complex and undiscovered but for some strange reason we keep trying to box it up into a label. We need to normalise the fact that, when it comes to sex, there is no “normal”.

Whilst I have explored with girls at a young age I would identify as hetero. It’s something I have never questioned.  I do appreciate the female body and have girl crushes but as one of our members says I am ‘strickly dickly’ lol.

I have been single for quite some time. I have had only one serious adult relationship and that ended about 5 or so years ago.  I seriously love being single. The idea of being with one person for a long time flares up my IBS. Following my doctor’s advice I avoid anything that can flare up that IBS. If I had time to date, I would definitely explore open and poly relationships and figure out what works for me.

I am quite a decisive person and make my mind up quickly. I find that if I don’t know it is because I don’t want to admit it. I don’t think I have explored as much as I would have liked.

I was a late bloomer with masturbation. I felt that masturbation was for girls who couldn’t have a boyfriend (I know, I was an idiot). That idea lasted till I started working at Ann Summers and my brain exploded with all of this new sexual knowledge. I had the most fantastic manager who was so open that she made me want to be her. She advised me on my first toy and the rest is history. I mourned that toy when it went to vibrator heaven. With masturbation came my self awareness about my own body. I finally learnt how to make myself orgasm which allowed me to officially call myself a ‘wanker’ and give up on looking for an orgasm from someone else.

Being a self proclaimed ‘wanker’ I currently have a drawer of toys but I can only wholeheartedly recommend two. The Satisfyer, the only toy I am using right now. This is pure clitoral orgasm heaven and the orgasms…wow. Just wow. For first time explorers I would recommend the upgraded version to my first rabbit: The Original Rampant Rabbit.  

Dear teenage self please learn more and ask more. Do not be ashamed to ask a question or else you will never know the answer. Sex and sexuality is not a one step process it is a continuous life journey that needs to be embraced. If you do not ask, you will still be asking the same question in your 30s.

I would love to be in my 60s chilling out with my grandchildren with my sling shot to support my injured arm from excessive masturbation telling them all about my clueless 20 something self and now in my 60s my sex life is the best ever. The idea of shocking these young teens/adults would give me so much pleasure and I would not give a f***.

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