Why ModiBodi’s ‘Period-Proof’ pants can help end period poverty.

I had a wonderful opportunity land in my inbox recently – the chance to review ModiBodi’s ‘Period-Proof’ pants?! Hell, yes!

ModiBodi call themselves ‘modern women with a fearless take on making our ‘unmentionables’ absolutely mentionable’. I totally respect that, especially with the current societal climate surrounding periods and women’s rights to, y’know… TALK about them.

I remember periods being a massive problem when I was in school. I cannot tell you how many times I would sit in class, too nervous to ask if I could go to the bathroom to change my pad, feeling myself leak onto my chair. Or when I’d have to give some super secret signal to a friend on lunch break to inform her that I was out of tampons and needed a lender. It’s only in recent years that I’ve finally become comfortable and confident in speaking – and even tweeting – about my periods, and found friends who are just as vocal; we make jokes on nights out, give tips on washing blood out of our ‘good’ pants, and shout to one another from opposite toilet cubicles, ‘got a spare, babe!?’

The outrageous and sad news is, 1 in 10 young women in the UK cannot afford sanitary items. Some are forced to improvise with household items such as kitchen towel, paper and even old clothes – while others rely on their friends at school or work, and charitable handouts.

The sanitary brand Always recently conducted a survey and found that 8% of young women were missing 5 or more days of school because they couldn’t afford sanitary products and thus were unable to ‘equip’ themselves for a day in school while on their periods. Then 85% of schoolgirls, when asked, said they didn’t know where they could get sanitary products for free.


‘I feel like if periods were a thing that happened to males…we wouldn’t have Period Poverty. Just a theory…’ – Hannah Witton.

It truly is crazy, when you think about it, that we all have access to free contraception if and when we need it (and choose to get it) but there is very little access to free products that will help with something half the population gets naturally, and not by choice. Believe me, if I could choose, I’d go without!

At the end of 2017, the Labour party promised that if elected they’d provide sanitary products for homeless shelters and schools. The Conservative party were then asked if they’d do something similar, and they replied that schools everywhere could always use their funding to provide these items for their students…

Well, here we are. It’s 2018 and still we are living in a world where Period Poverty exists. Fortunately we have people working hard to end it, like Always and Bloody Good Period, not to mention plenty of websites posting about it and pointing those of us who menstruate in the right direction to get support and freebies (links below).

We also are lucky to have companies that are making and marketing sustainable, earth-friendly underwear! Which brings me to Modibodi. These period-proof pants worked brilliantly for me. I found the Sensual Hi Waist bikini, light-moderate absorbency to be soft, breathable and surprisingly absorbent (almost 2 tampons, apparently!). I also felt very secure, and didn’t worry about leakage while I had them on for over 8 hours one day.

The company is also working to rid us of Period Poverty; their Give A Pair campaign is offering buyers the chance to purchase products for women who are not able to equip themselves for periods. You can do this by buying a ‘virtual pair’ voucher, which then means the brand will donate two pairs of ModiBodi underwear to women’s shelters and women across the UK.

I hope their brand will continue to help me with my mission to cut out non-eco friendly pads and use only sustainable methods such as moon cups, etc. from now on when I’ve got the painters in.

Eco-friendly period care is definitely the way forward in our fight to end Period Poverty. But it can’t happen unless we all dive in and help. So, readers, do some research – read all the articles, look up the campaigns, and do your bit to end this horrendous situation we women are facing every day. It’s up to us.

Articles about Period Poverty:

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