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When the idea of Scarlet Ladies was founded, we just wanted to create a little meetup group for women to feel great about themselves. We had planned to host monthly workshops of some sort covering all types of needs. Sarah and I, who founded Scarlet Ladies on a cold winter’s day in a local coffee shop, both believe that whilst feminism is great at empowering women in most aspects of their life, female sexuality is still being ignored or classed as not that important. Women were still being judged and shamed for sexual decisions they make. We are a feminist company that focuses predominantly on female sexual empowerment. To make changes we need to work on ourselves as women hence why we are a female only membership club. We believe in empowering women in all aspects of their lives. As Sarah always says: “A woman who is confident in the bedroom is confident in the boardroom.”

Fast forward to nearly 2 years on we are so much more than our little meetup group and our mission has evolved. Scarlet Ladies empowers and connects women around the world. Our community is open to all, regardless of what your sexual orientation or preference is. We always say it is about how you like it, not who you like it with. We believe that by destigmatising the conversation around female sexuality, we help women grow in confidence, love their bodies and live boldly in all aspects of life, without fear or shame.

Whilst sex is a juicy and hot topic for a lot of companies hosting ‘sex’ talks, we feel there is so much more. Sex is a basic need for ALL humans and by suppressing that part of ourselves we are ultimately suppressing a key part of our life. Sex for many women is being complicated by trauma, sexual abuse, our own judgments as well as society’s judgements. So it is no wonder that so many women are struggling when it comes to their sexuality.

We believe in the power of ideas, experiences and sharing to change perceptions around female sexuality. We host a range of events based on our FIERCE values of Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment to empower women sexually. By creating a safe and confidential space where women can speak authentically, share experiences and inspiration, we are building a community of women who are self confident and mutually supportive. For us there is no right or wrong when it comes to female sexuality, hence why you will find talks ranging from monogamy to polygamy, self love to bodyshaming, Tantra to kink and vanilla to swinging from the chandeliers. Our ladies are diverse, ranging from all shapes and sizes, cultural backgrounds and experiences, from experts to ‘ordinary’ women. They all wanting to share, open up, talk and learn about their sexuality.


With a variety of events to suit everyone’s interest, we introduce to you our different formats:

Talk of the Town

When it comes to women’s sexuality, what is “normal”? And why is it so hard to talk about it?

Our panel discussions bring together real women to talk openly about key topics that affect women everywhere. We believe that every woman has the right to feel “normal” when it comes to her body and her sexuality. Talk of the Town events bring together women from different backgrounds, including professional therapists, sex workers and ‘ordinary’ women, for no-holds-barred conversations that empower real women to share opinions and experiences in an environment that is safe and supportive. Every month, we lift the lid on a different aspect of female sexuality, breaking down the barriers of stigma and shame.  


Our FIERCE Talks change attitudes and change lives. Guided by our founding values of Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment, FIERCE Talks challenge prejudices around female sexuality head-on. Every month we bring you a FIERCE woman to inspire and educate you by sharing her ideas, knowledge and experience on a topic relating to female sexuality. We believe in the power of talking to help women stand together to challenge negative attitudes, and transform the lives of women from all walks of life.

Off the record

For curious Scarlet Ladies who want to explore their sexuality further, our members-only ‘Off the Record’ events give you the unique chance to experience the best of London’s x-rated sex-positive events and locations in the safety of a supportive group. Dip your toe in the water of new places or new experiences, in a setting that is fully confidential and in the company of likeminded explorers. Previous events include Killing Kittens 10th birthday and Club Femdom.

Scarlet Social

Exclusively for members and special guests, Scarlet Social is London’s most exclusive mid-week girls night out for sex-positive women. Our conversations are chilled-out, easy-going and confidential, so you can ask for advice, share experiences, or just relax with a drink or two and enjoy the company of some amazing women. We’ll begin with a facilitated introduction to get the conversation started, and from there it’s up to you: talk and listen, share as much or as little as you like and go home feeling refreshed, empowered, and glowing with positive energy. Together, we can normalise the conversation around female sexuality.

So whether your aim is to support other women, on a personal journey or you just love everything that we stand for Scarlet Ladies welcomes you


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