We are a community of women & non-binary folks breaking down the stigma and shame attached to sexuality.

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We are women & non-binary folks so we understand that first times are always daunting. If you want to know what you’re letting yourself in for, join our next Intro night

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Find and build groups to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of your comfort zone, and empower each other, together.



We believe in the power of sharing ideas and experiences to change perceptions around sexuality. 

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“I never would have predicted how much Sonder and Beam have enriched my life. Before joining the group I had no idea how varied the discussions and talks we have would be (so far topics have included managing your finances, systemic biases in scientific research, pelvic pain disorders and the myriad different cultural experience of many of our members and guests). Having a group of womxn who I I can trust to always be supportive and non-judgemental has been invaluable to me and I hope to continue being part of the group for a long time to come and to welcome many more womxn to this incredible community.”



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